Youth Event

25 Jul

For those of you who were not at the youth event, there was little to lift the heart and plenty to disappoint it.   Delegations making statements that they should be making tomorrow, folks speaking out of turn, a silly presentation from an erstwhile celebrity who spends her entire life on a catwalk, on and on.

I don’t think Katherine and Giedre would agree with this completely, but I also think that there was much wrong with the introductory sections as well — folks making mention of the Norway tragedy and then ‘moving on’ as though finished singing the national anthem at a baseball game,  adult speakers talking about what younger people need older people to ‘give them’ rather than describing what they are doing for themselves or what they have already received.   Young people talking about a lack of empowerment but not making any mention of the ways in which young people also need to straighten out, get their acts together, get over themselves and their cultural/class limitations, etc.   The entire tone was solicitous, whiny, un-reflective, patronizing.   Youth of privilege asking for things they already have, and patronizing other youth about whom they speak in the same abstract tones as their adult policymakers speak about the ‘victims’ for which they are responsible.

Yuck.  Make that double yuck.

My generation is a disaster.   That said, whatever happens or doesn’t happen in our office, I hope that ‘patronizing’ is never a part of our culture.  If it is, you have permission to poison my coffee cup.  I won’t press charges.


One Response to “Youth Event”

  1. Global Action to Prevent War: Blog July 26, 2011 at 1:37 am #

    Agreed! The first bit was disastrous!

    And thanks for making me laugh Bob, definitely brightened up my rainy evening 🙂


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