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Young Men And Adolescent Boys In Gender Equality

26 Jul

Another side even for this week’s Youth meeting – Young men and adolescent boys in gender equality.

All five panelists agreed that opportunities for boys and young men to participate in gender equality should be strengthened.

Lesley Masibi from South Africa National Youth Development Agency stressed that cultural beliefs and ideals of masculinity produce some form of ideology, which defines appropriate roles, values and expectations for and of men. These believes need to be dealt with at early stages through education. Also, a boy child must not be neglected while concentrating on a girl child.

Leila Sharafi, UNFPA Technical specialist on Gender, spoke about the ways of reaching young boys (age 8-15) to participate in gender equality. Most functional ways proved to be sports and media. A number of countries run gender programs in a form of a global internet game (eg. football).

Violence against women was also discussed and condemned. Urjasi Rudra, a representative of UN Women program Say NO-UNITE to end violence against women, called for concrete action now. She advised that boys are not born violent, they become violent because of the environment surrounding them; and girls become to accept that violence and live with it. The need for gender education for both boys and girls was stressed, inviting organisations and civil society members to engage with this issue.

Finally, a short movie depicting boy’s life cycle perspective was introduced – Once Upon A Boy. It can be accessed on youtube too: