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Youth Event

25 Jul

For those of you who were not at the youth event, there was little to lift the heart and plenty to disappoint it.   Delegations making statements that they should be making tomorrow, folks speaking out of turn, a silly presentation from an erstwhile celebrity who spends her entire life on a catwalk, on and on.

I don’t think Katherine and Giedre would agree with this completely, but I also think that there was much wrong with the introductory sections as well — folks making mention of the Norway tragedy and then ‘moving on’ as though finished singing the national anthem at a baseball game,  adult speakers talking about what younger people need older people to ‘give them’ rather than describing what they are doing for themselves or what they have already received.   Young people talking about a lack of empowerment but not making any mention of the ways in which young people also need to straighten out, get their acts together, get over themselves and their cultural/class limitations, etc.   The entire tone was solicitous, whiny, un-reflective, patronizing.   Youth of privilege asking for things they already have, and patronizing other youth about whom they speak in the same abstract tones as their adult policymakers speak about the ‘victims’ for which they are responsible.

Yuck.  Make that double yuck.

My generation is a disaster.   That said, whatever happens or doesn’t happen in our office, I hope that ‘patronizing’ is never a part of our culture.  If it is, you have permission to poison my coffee cup.  I won’t press charges.

Schedule of Meetings- Week of July 25-29

22 Jul

Hi GAPWers,

I will start posting a weekly schedule of meetings/events on this blog so that you will have a reference for what is happening around our office and UN.

Mon July 25

Youth High-Level Panel (closing of the Year of Youth) Opening 10-11am GA Hall

Panel 1  11am-1pm- GA Hall- Strengthening International Cooperation regarding youth…

Panel 2- 3pm-6pm- GA Hall- Challenges to Youth Development and Opportunities…


Tues July 26

Youth High-level Meeting Plenary in GA Hall; 10-1, 3-5:30

SC Open Debate on the Middle East (including the Palestinian Question) 10am SC Chamber

Wed July 27

10am morning session: GA Plenary following up on revitalization of the Conference on Disarmament

Thurs July 28

Giedre’s last day! We will be celebrating both her and Jessica’s departure at some point (probably over lunch!)

Fri July 29

Jessica’s last day!

9:30am Susan Granada and her Filipino delegation will be coming for a breakfast meeting (Susan works on women’s issues and 1325 implementation)


SC Open Debate on Peace and Security Implications of Climate Change

21 Jul

Hello all!

Yesterday Giedre and I attended the SC Open Debate on the peace and security implications of climate change. It was quite controversial actually. Not the climate change part, but the fact that the Council was discussing it and not the GA or ECOSOC where the mandate of climate change lies.

The SG gave a strong statement in support of the SC discussing climate change as a threat to peace and security. Director of the UN Environmental Programme also gave a grim briefing on the accelerated threat of climate change. On one side were the US, Germany, SIDs (represented by President of Nauru who was there), Colombia, and EU states who are in strong support of having the SC deal with the security implications of climate change. On the opposite end were China, Russia, Lebanon, G-77, and NAM who believe it to be an encroachment on the authority of the ‘more universal bodies’ such as the GA and ECOSOC who should deal with the issue entirely. Brazil, Nigeria, and India were somewhere in the middle.
I have more detailed notes if anyone is interested!