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Rebuilding Tsunami ravaged Rekuzentakata

15 Sep

We were privileged yesterday to be joined by Kiyoshi Murakami (Goodwill Ambassador and representative of Aid TAKATA) who explained to us the  rebuilding efforts in his city of Rekuzentakata in Japan’s Northeast. Rikuzentakata was among the most violently hit during the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Approximately 10 percent of its 24,000 residents were killed, including one third of its city officials as its downtown turned to rubble.

Ambasssdor Kiyoshi highlighted the redevelopment plans. The city has a 10 year plan with a vision to increase its population to 100,000. The “Model City” is to be built on strong infrastructure to resist natural disasters and is ecology-oriented centered on sustainable energy. The idea is to utilize its local industry to create value added products and to create attractive employment opportunities for the diversified population.

This a certainly a forward thinking vision for a city whose population has suffered enormously. Hearing about this scenario first hand from Ambasssdor Kiyosh, who has been in the center of the efforts, was a great opportunity.

To find out more about the project, such as the contributions of external assistance and the diverse work of Aid TAKAKA in the city, see the attached powerpoint:          Tsunami Report City of Rikuzentakata: Aid TAKATA

This event was jointly run by GAPW and Soka Gakkai International

– Kees Keizer