Global Action to Prevent War (GAPW) was developed as a UN-based, transnational network of civil society, academic and diplomatic partners dedicated to practical measures for reducing levels of global conflict and to removing institutional and ideological impediments to addressing armed violence, mass atrocities and severe human rights violations at the earliest possible stages.

The GAPW Program Statement grounds its goals of conflict prevention in specific, integrated phases of policy work and pursues program priorities that demonstrate in a concrete way how we can move from an international system based on conflict and power relations to one grounded in law and robust multi-lateral institutions. Over the past decade, we have refined and promoted a comprehensive framework for human security that moves us towards a gradual but irreversible, global demilitarization.

We continually highlight and integrate advances in early warning, conflict prevention, non-violent conflict resolution, peacekeeping and peacemaking, transparency and other confidence-building measures, nuclear and conventional disarmament, and the implementation of legal, diplomatic and other complementary response capacities to address genocide, crimes against humanity, rape as an instrument of war, and other gross violations of human rights. We collaborate with many regional civil society, religious and academic groups to implement and assess tools and strategies to promote local cultures conducive to more peaceful, sustainable living.


Through workshops, publications, direct advocacy and other strategies, GAPW has prioritized the following program goals with our diverse partners, goals which both highlight the structural and issue priorities of the United Nations and address significant barriers within member states to global peace. Further information on all these programs can be found below, at our homepage, and under the ‘Programs’ section of this website.

1. Civilian Protection: Promote full and fair implementation of the Responsibility to Protect norm, clarify and strengthen the UN’s civilian protection mandates, ensure more transparent, actionable findings of potential violence, and highlight reliable, diverse civilian and military response capacities, including our proposal for a standing, rapid-response, gender and service-integrated, UN Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS). Much of this work is undertaken with the support of the Ira Wallach Fund for the Eradication of Genocide.

2. Disarmament: Provide direct monitoring and additional guidance to UN officials, governments and diplomatic missions on core disarmament challenges facing the United Nations, including implementation of the Programme of Action on Small Arms, expanding Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zones (including to the Middle East), completing negotiations on an Arms Trade Treaty, and strengthening the UN’s disarmament infrastructure to better service the UN’s growing roster of disarmament-related responsibilities.

3. Women, Peace and Security: Help ensure full implementation of various Security Council resolutions (1325, 1888, etc.) that seek to ensure the full participation of women in peace policies and practices and end impunity for gender-based violence, especially violence used as a strategy by governments to intimidate and suppress female populations. GAPW works directly with governments and regionally-based civil society organizations to promote security arrangements that can more effectively guarantee the safety of women seeking their rightful places in political and social life.

For inquiries, contact International Coordinator at coordinator[at]globalactionpw.org

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